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Boeing 737 Helicopter Global
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Personal Details: Contact Details:
Shaun. S. C. Mayhew. MSc.    
Date of Birth: 6th May 1955. Address: 1st Floor, Viking House, St Pauls Square, Ramsey, IM8 1GB, U.K.
Nationality: British. IOM Mobile No: +44 7624319941
Status: Married Spanish Home No: +34 971672197
Height: 182cm Spanish Mobile No: +34 627069252
Weight: 91kgs E-mail: shaunmayhew@rainbowair.im
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Airbus A319/A320/A321, Boeing 727(Super 27), Boeing 737/200-900/BBJ, BAC 1-11, Bombardier Global Express 5000/6000 Vision/XRS/5000, Fokker 100,
Dassault Falcon 900/50, Hawker HS 125 Fan/1000, Cessna Citation I, ISP, II,V, Cessna Citation Jet C525, Shorts 360/330, Embraer Bandeirante EMB 110.

Bell BH206, Eurocopter EC135, Eurocopter AS355F2, AS350, Enstrom E28F, Hughes HU369, MD520N, Robinson RB44, RB22B.

Boeing 727.


  • Airline Transport Pilot Licence. EASA/FAA.
  • Airline Transport Helicopter Pilot Licence. FAA
  • Airline Transport Seaplane Pilot Licence Multi/Single FAA
  • Commercial Helicopter Licence EASA
  • Flight Engineer Turbojet (727) FAA
  • Certified Flight Instructor Single/Multi Engine Airplane FAA (Current)
  • Certified Flight Instructor Helicopter FAA (Current)
  • Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane and Helicopter FAA (Current)
  • CRMT (L) Certified EASA Line Trainer (Current)
  • FCC (Federal Communication Commission) Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit
  • Instrument Rating Examiner. I.R.E. UK. CAA (Expired)
  • Certified Flight Instructor Fixed Wing UK CAA (Expired)
  • Class One Medical CAA/FAA/ (Current)
  • Glider Licence F.A.I.
  • Category 2/3 AWOPS Take Off/Landing Trained (Current)
  • Head Up Guidance System Display Trained (Current)
  • EVS Trained (Current)
  • EROPS Trained. (Current)

Masters Degree MSc, in Aviation Science and Technology.

Motor Boating/Cruising, Historic Cars and Clay Pigeon Shooting.

Fixed Wing Hours Flown Rotary Hours Flown
Jet 13433 Airbus A320 125 165   290
Turbine 4160 Boeing 727 (Super27) 425   210 635
Boeing 737 NG/BBJ 3790 180   3970
Boeing 737 Classic 1025 10   1035
Fokker 100 285 125   410
Global Express Vision/XRS 1484 10   1494
BAC 1-11 1430 505   1935
Dassault Falcon 900B/EX 555 25   580
Dassault Falcon 50/EX 1740 265   2005
HS 125 FAN/1000 1020 40   1060
Cessna Citation 1, 11, V 1240 100   1340
Cesna Citation Jet 35     35
Shorts 360/330 1460 160   1620
EMB 110 2420 120   2540
Lights Twins/Singles 1760 155   1915
Amphibious/Floats 65 10   75
FIXED TOTAL 18855 1874 210 20939
Turbine 755 EC 135 104 3   106
Instruments 56 AS 355F2 176 3   179
MD 520N 165 7   172
AS 350 36 2   38
HU 369 35 2   37
BH 206 231 2   233
E 28F 8 2   10
RB22B RB44 85 18   103
ROTARY TOTAL 840 39   879
TOTAL TIMES 19695 1913 210 21808


JUNE 2012 - TO DATE:
ISLE OF MAN: Rainbow Air Ltd:
Freelance, Contract Pilot,
providing pilot services on Global Express 5000/6000 Vision, Global Express/XRS/5000, area of operations WORLDWIDE, also current on BBJ1/2 (Line/Route Training Captain) CRMT (L) and also current on Helicopters Types AS355F/BH206).

DECEMBER 2002 – JUNE 2012:
ISLE OF MAN: Rainbow Air Ltd.
Provided contract services to GAMA Aviation Ltd on BBJ1, (Lead Pilot) based in Moscow, Russia. As a Line/Route Training Captain CRMT (L), area of operations, WORLDWIDE. Responsible for obtaining all nessecary certifications and keeping current, RVSM, MNPS, CAT 3 landing certification, including all manuals, SOP’s and MEL. Also responsible for crew re-current training, rosters and leiasing with maintenance for on going and major maintenance checks.

PORTUGAL: Netjets Inc. (Europe)
Line/Route Training Captain on Falcon FA900 based in Lisbon Portugal. Area of operations WORLDWIDE. Responsible for writing Long Range Operations, Training, SOP’s and MEL manuals.

MARCH 1999 – DECEMBER 2000:
UNITED KINGDOM: Virgin Express Ireland Ltd. (VEI)
Line Training Captain on Boeing 737/300/400, based in Brussels, Belgium. Flying European schedule routes, Inclusive tours and Charter flights, company closed down, aircraft sold and therefore made redundant.

JANUARY 1992 – MARCH 1999:
ISLE OF MAN: Rainbow Air Ltd.
FRANCE: Specialised Transportation Ltd. (Part of the I.I.R. Group of Companies)
Providing an Aviation Management/Consultancy service as Aviation Manager based in Nice, South of France. Flying Boeing 727 Valsen REW (Super 27), Dassault Falcon FA900/50 and Eurocopter EC135 helicopter, areas of operation WORLDWIDE.
Responsible for overall flight operations, including research, purchase and introduction of the following fixed wing types, B727, FA900/50, HS125, Cessna 501SP and the following Helicopter types, EC135, AS355, MD520N.
Responsible for obtaining all nessecary certifications and keeping current, RVSM, MNPS, CAT 2 landing certification, including all manuals, SOP’sand MEL. Also in charge of all re-current training, budgets, maintenance programs,and billings.

APRIL 1991 – JANUARY 1992:
SAUDIA ARABIA: Aviation Management Consortium: (AMC)
Line/Route Training  Captain on BAC 1-11 based in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia. Flying executive charters in the Middle East, India, North Africa, Europe and USA.

FEBRUARY 1990 – MARCH 1991:
UNITED KINGDOM: Air Europe Ltd: (AE)
Joined as a First Officer (3 months) with accelerated command to a Line Training Captain on Fokker 100, flying European schedule routes, Inclusive tours, and Charter flights. Company went into receivership and therefore made redundant.

APRIL1989 – FEBRUARY 1990:
UNITED KINGDOM: British Island Airways: (BIA)
Line/Route Training Captain BAC 1-11, flying inclusive tours and Charter flights around Europe and North Africa. Company went into receivership and therefore made redundant.

JANUARY 1988 – APRIL 1989:
UNITED KINGDOM: British Airways Plc.: (BA)
First Officer Airbus A320, flying Domestic, European schedules, Inclusive tours and Charter flights

MARCH 1985 – JANUARY 1988:
UNITED KINGDOM: British Caledonian Airways Ltd: (B’CAL)
First Officer BAC1-11/Airbus A 320, flying Domestic, European schedules. Company take-over by British Airways Plc.

APRIL 1980 – MARCH 1985:
Line Training Captain on Cessna Citation I and II’s on Executive charters and Air Ambulance flights around Europe and USA.
Line/Route Training Captain on, Shorts 360/330 and Bandeirante/ EMB110, flying schedule and Charter flights around Europe, also made numerous Ferry flights for Shorts Brothers of Northern Ireland to the USA and NEPAL.

FEBRUARY 1979 – APRIL 1980:
USA: Debb Housing Enterprises:
Captain flying Cessna Citation I based in Tampa Florida USA operations around the USA and on Trans Atlantic flights to Europe, also responsible for maintenance, billing and all other aspects of aircraft operations.

USA: Flight International Atlanta:
Flight Engineer Simulator Instructor based in Atlanta Georgia USA on the Boeing 727, after having obtained my Flight Engineer’s Turbojet rating.

AUGUST 1978 – OCTOBER 1978:
USA: Freelance.
Captain on Cessna Citation I and Piper Cheyenne (PA31T), based in Tampa Florida USA, flying Executive charters and Air Ambulance.

JUNE 1978 – JULY 1978:
USA: Obtained F.A.A. Airline Transport Pilot Licence and Instrument rating at A.C.M.E Aviation Dallas Fort Worth Texas. USA.

MAY 1976-JUNE 1978:
Worked at Headcorn Flying School as a flight line person taking bookings, cleaning, refuelling, hangering and keeping aircraft logs up to date, whilst obtaining hours for Assistant Flight Instructors rating, obtained in September 1976. Worked as Assistant Instructor at H.F.S, also training I.M.C. and Night Ratings. Obtained Full Instructor Rating in September 1977.

JUNE 1973 – MAY 1976.
UNITED KINGDOM: Trainee Manager:
Trainee Manager with Holiday Inn of America Inc. Obtained Private Pilots Licence in July 1975, at Headcorn Flying School. Kent. UK. Left Holiday Inn Inc., to pursue a career in Aviation.

Motor Boating (RYA Yachtmaster Coastal, with Commercial Endorsement), Seaplanes, Historic Cars, Clay Pigeon Shooting (Sporting and Skeet) Scuba Diving (PADI Advanced Open Water Diver) Keeping Fit and Cooking.

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Border image Rainbow Air Ltd: Registered in the Isle of Man. Company Registration No: 015002V. VAT No GB 001 600453 Directors: SSC Mayhew MSc.
Registered Office: 1st Floor, Viking House, St Pauls Square, Ramsey, IM8 1GB, U.K.
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